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Name:Adrian Theodore Hewitt
Birthdate:Dec 20
Location:New York, United States of America
Website:@ dreamlikenewyork

Movies is magic
Real life is tragic
Fundamental though it seems
When you're livin' in your dream
And you wake up it's over
Movies is magic

- movies is magic | brian wilson -

Adrian Theodore Hewitt is the second son to rich and famous movie producer, Lawrence Hewitt. Adrian's mother, Jennifer, is the second wife to Lawrence and came after a whirlwind lover affair with young actress, Kenzie Kingsley, that was spread all over the media and was the epitome of paparazzi fodder. Lawrence had a son with the actress, Tristan, Adrian's half-brother. Tristan is just a year and a half older than Adrian, and even though they haven't lived close to each other for some time now, still remain quite close and in touch frequently. Jennifer was Lawrence's Personal Assistant, and had a crush on him all along. They fell in love after the horrific mess that was his first marriage, and after Adrian came twin sisters, Victoria and Elizabeth (their mom maybe just a tiny bit of a British Royals fan).

Unlike Tristan, Adrian was fascinated by his father's work and would end up being the one who followed in his footsteps. Their dad never held any bitterness towards Tristan for not wanting to take on the family business, Hewitt Entertainment Corporation, just like he was fully supportive when Victoria and Elizabeth went on to become a Gymnast and a Singer/Songwriter respectively. Adrian began working with his father from about the age of 15, learning from the ground up. He is now a fully-recognised Movie Producer himself, and about to commence a movie being filmed in New York written by Screenwriter, Ronan Winslow about a military pilot who was subject of the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" movement, who gets diagnosed with multiple sclerosis that sends his whole world crashing down around him. He signed Orion Argyle as the lead and murmurs in the business have pegged both the movie and Orion for Oscars favourites.

Adrian is a highly professional businessman and takes his work very seriously. However, that doesn't mean he can't have fun. He his bisexual and made the error of trying to date within the film industry a couple of years back. Like his dad, his own relationship with an actress was doomed when she couldn't put him above herself or her obsession with attention. He got out quickly, before it ended up in a disaster like his father. He has been single ever since, though he is definitely looking. He has just moved to New York to base himself for the commencement of his new movie, and he doesn't know where things in his life will come. He knows he needs to be careful coming from a billionaire and high profile family. He hopes that one day he will find someone who can look beyond his bank account that he can have a special relationship with, and knows how to have fun.

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For musebox/psl: dreamlikenewyork

RP and muse journal only. Original Character for dreamlikenewyork PSL.
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